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Fly fishing gifts are extra special.

Fly fishing is already special, and a gift makes it even more so.  We’ve spent countless hours, days, and weeks tracking down the best gifts to give.  We guarantee we’ll help you hone in on the perfect gift for that special person (which just might be yourself!), and save a lot of time.  Let’s face it, the World Wide Web is great but given how many thousands of websites and sellers there are out there, still takes a lot of time to find the perfect gift.  Just like a classy retail shop, we’ve identified gifts you may not have known about it, and organized by our convenient categories makes it even easier to find the perfect gift.

From the founder and author of Fly Fishing Field Guides

Organizing gifts for your review was a natural extension of our “all-in-one” field guides, which will get you up the fishing curve much faster, right at your fingertips, in your fly vest. Each edition is packed full of valuable, easy to read information organized in a super-compact format, reviewed by local guides for accuracy and thoroughness.

Check them out at www.FlyFishingFieldGuides.com

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An avid flyfisher for 40 years, Mark Velicer has lived and flyfished in Washington, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania and New York along with countlessfishing trips to other states and countries. During his busy career working for three Fortune 500 companies, he noticed how much time it takes to figure out a new fishing spot – right when he’d rather be fishing! His favorite place to be is on the water, including white water kayaking, rafting, drift boating, and hiking to alpine lakes.  Currently he and his wife and three daughters live in Pennsylvania with their white golden retriever, two bunnies, and three guinea pigs.

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